As part of our values and business ethics, we follow common Halton policies regarding several aspects of our operation.

Code of conduct

Halton's Code of Conduct forms the basis for all the actions of the company and defines the way of acting of all our personnel. The Code of Conduct covers compliance with laws and decrees, prevention of corruption, fair competition, use of assets and property, and operating procedures related to personnel, human rights and the environment, as well as all the whole of the implementation and monitoring of the Code of Conduct. The goods and service suppliers of Halton and the representatives of the company must comply with the Code of Conduct aimed at them. Each Code of Conduct is approved by the senior management and Board of the Halton Group.

Halton's Code of Conduct for personnel

Halton's Code of Conduct for goods and service suppliers and the representatives of the company

Halton supports compliance with the Code of Conduct by training personnel and developing monitoring and guidance related to the Code of Conduct.


Halton Fair Play Forum

Halton encourages its personnel and other stakeholders to report their observations or suspicions about action that contravenes the Code of Conduct

Oy Halton Group Ltd / Fair Play Forum
Esterinportti 2
00240 Helsinki
Finland, Europe

Notifications will be dealt with confidentially. Reporting that is done with sincere intentions will not result in sanctions against the reporting person. The notifications that are received will be reported on regularly to the Chairperson of the Board of the Halton Group.

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