A unique ability to customise our products and solutions.

With a unique ability to customise our products and play with their shapes or simply choose from our existing range of technologies - specifically designed for front of house  and show cooking areas - Halton Foodservice will turn your project into a reality, whatever the architectural daring and with no compromise on efficiency.

The option to customise products is also a major asset when there are specific technical constraints. Especially for refurbishment projects, when for example the ceiling height can be limited or where beams and pillars are difficult to work around.


Enabling efficient show cooking concepts is not only a question of choosing the right technologies. It is first of all a question of engineering and having an experienced know-how in stainless steel shaping.

Catering isn't just about making great food anymore; it's about bringing the culinary experience to life. The kitchen of tomorrow opens itself up, welcomes you in and puts on a show.

In addition to the traditional restaurant requirements of efficiency and functionality, show kitchens must also have, by definition, a strong aesthetic and a superb Indoor Environement Quality (IEQ). Considering that the ventilation of such show kitchens will have to cohabit with the ventilation systems of the surrounding dining rooms, it can be said, without any doubt, that this is a concentration of some of the most technical challenges - all at once.

Stretch the limits of creativity as far as possible while maintaining supreme efficiency!


Halton's Customer Service engineers have a deep and thorough understanding of the specifics of kitchen ventilation, including the much needed shaping of stainless steel. This knowledge is reinforced by a constant dialogue with the many qualified workers who go about turning these projects into a reality. The communication and energy driven into each solution enables Halton to achieve the best custom-built potential, whilst making certain that the mechanical properties of the stainless steel will not be compromised during the construction of the often unique shaped parts.

Our engineers are helped in this mission by Halton's innovative technologies. Some of them are developed specifically for open kitchens. Often, architectural concepts are designed in a such a way that they hinder the correct capture of smoke and pollutants released by the cooking - so initiative and innovation is essential.

We push the limits of creativity as far as possibly while maintaining the traditional kitchen's standards of efficiency !

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Customised products are for the most part unavoidable when there are specific building constraints.

Economical pressure and the architecture of modern buildings often throw up technical constraints linked to reduced kitchens spaces, atypical space layouts, reduced heights, beams extending downwards or awkwardly located pillars. Refurbishment projects generate the most challenging technical complications.

Show kitchens aside, every year Halton manufactures hundreds of customised products to provide efficient solutions, overcoming any obstacles. Among other custom made solutions, please see below:
- An angle module - particularly used in small kitchens;
- Flat front cooking ventilated ceilings for atypical free heights;
- A pillar cut out inside a small kitchen.