One of the widest range of solutions to combine Wellbeing, Sustainability and Profitability...

Energy Efficiency, Safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and Emission Control are the four cornerstones of a Halton High Performance Kitchen.

Simultaneously combining them in harmony and in such varying spaces as professional kitchens is a daily challenge. However, it's one which is easily met thanks to the widest range of professional kitchen ventilation solutions on the market.


What are Halton's High Performance Kitchen Solutions?

A professional kitchen is a very demanding environment in which ventilation is always a challenge. Each technology, system or product developed by Halton is exclusively designed to combine one or more of the following objectives:
- Energy Efficiency;
- Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ);
- Food or Fire Safety;
- Emission Control.

With this in mind, we consistently supply the perfect bespoke solutions from the largest and most efficient technical range, in the field of kitchen ventilation. This range generates de facto a powerful synergy, which is the necessary condition to obtain a High Performance Kitchen. From a plethora of solutions, we will hand pick the perfect combination for you to create a kitchen environment where efficiency competes only with wellbeing.

Energy Efficiency

At 800 kWh/m² (1), the catering business is the most energy-consuming out of all commercial and residential buildings in the United States, even surpassing the hospital sector (at 600 kWh/m²). This ratio is mirrored across Europe and most other developed countries. As such, energy performance is the most important aspect of Halton's  High Performance Kitchen.

M.A.R.V.E.L. and the Capture Jet­™ technologies are undoubtedly at the forefront of this energy efficiency quest in professional kitchens.

(1) Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Transforming the Market (WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

Safety (Hygiene and Fire Safety)

Many restaurants today do not re-open after a major safety incident. Operators or owners not only have to deal with the interruption of business, but also face up to their responsibilities to the building's other tenants, customers, third parties, or cope with bad press. Safety is de facto a major concern in professional kitchens.

Preventive measures in the design and manufacturing of Halton's Capture Jet™ hoods and ventilated ceilings enhance by construction their safety level. The Capture Ray™ technology, Halton's built-in Fire Suppression System (FSS) or Halton's Duct Safety Monitoring (KGS) system take an active role in kitchen safety control.

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

Lack of staff is one of the major challenges faced by commercial catering. The comparatively low uptake of cheffing jobs may be attributed to uncomfortable working conditions – potential candidates are deterred by thermal discomfort. These conditions are related to air temperature and speed, the heat radiated by cooking appliances and humidity. The Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) is a wider notion that also encompasses lighting quality, sound pressure levels and visual comfort.

However, reducing exhaust airflow rates alone constitutes a superb starting point on the road to a good and sustainable IEQ. Simply put, the reduction of exhaust airflow rates minimises drafts, whilst improving sound pressure levels. For the most part, when the energy efficiency of a kitchen is improved, so too is the IEQ.

Making further improvements to the IEQ in your workplace is thus a combination of factors, which are not solely related to the product and technologies chosen.

Emission control

Any professional kitchen generates a lot of pollutants, among which grease - in every shape and form - and odours generate the highest concerns in terms of safety and consideration for the surrounding neighbourhood. Especially in dense urban sites or for large catering establishments such as foodcourts or central production kitchens.

It is highly likely that future legislation may well stipulate that "fresh" air used for any commercial catering must be discharged back into the atmosphere at the same quality at which it was taken. With energy efficiency, emission control is the second biggest trend in the field of professional kitchens.

To eliminate concerns about safety, promote neighbourhood awareness and establish your restaurant wherever you choose, the combination of Capture Ray™ and EcoloAir technologies constitute a full solution.