Innovation becomes second nature when you have a burning passion for something

Halton Foodservice operates in one of the most complex and demanding environments of commercial ventilation: professional kitchens.

Energy Efficiency, Safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and Emission Control are the four cornerstones of a Halton's High Performance Kitchen - a kitchen which combines serviceability, sustainability and profitability.

The space and layout of professional kitchens varies greatly – from traditional closed kitchens to the more open show-case cooking concepts to ‘self-service' distribution areas combined with cooking zones. Combining Halton's four key cornerstones simultaneously in vastly different kitchen spaces provides a daily challenge.

To achieve this goal, innovation is not an option, it is a must.

A compromise on any of these essential cornerstones is non-negotiable, they are fundamental in every single design. From the huge range of Halton's high performance kitchen solutions – including our latest technologies - we will provide the perfect combination to meet the requirements for each project and more.

The innovation that is so inherent to Halton and it's «industrial passion», is based on two fundamental foundations: ‘Motivated People' and ‘Research & Development'.