Company Vision, Mission and Values

Halton's vision is to be the global value leader in office and health segments. Halton solutions enhance workers wellbeing, provide flexible solutions for organizations changing demands and increase the value of the buildings. Halton is one of the most recognized indoor climate solution provider in the selected segments.

Halton's passion is to create comfortable and safe indoor environments with an energy efficient manner. Halton is specializing in indoor climate and indoor environment products, services and solutions.

Challenges to tackle

The built environment should be safe and comfortable with no health hazards for its users neither due to poor design and construction, nor due to poor operation, maintenance and performance of buildings. Considerable amount of energy is used in buildings to ensure that they achieve these requirements.

This must be changed in future buildings to meet the targets for maximum energy use in buildings; these targets in the European Union are set by the Energy Performance of Building Directive in 2010. By end of 2020, all newly constructed buildings as well as for the existing buildings undergoing retrofits should be nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB).  However, good indoor climate conditions should be guaranteed: energy saving should not happen by sacrificing indoor environment quality. 

Commitment to RDI cooperation

Halton is closely working with world class universities and research institutes to improve indoor environment quality in energy efficient manner. Research partners has been e.g. DTU/Denmark, KTH/Sweden, Aalto/Finland, Occupational Health Institute/Finland, MIT/USA, NUS/Singapore, La Rochelle/France, Technical University of Prague/Czech.

Halton has strong involvement in European level RDI- project and researcher exchange programmes. Several students have worked at Halton Innovation Hub's during the couple of last years.

At the moment, Halton is leading Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation for Built Environment (RYM) "Indoor Environment" research program. The program realizes far-reaching, collaborative and multidisciplinary research work done jointly by companies, universities and research centres. The main objective of Indoor Environment research program is to produce new indoor environment solutions that enhance the users well-being, satisfaction, productivity and learning ability in ecologically sustainable manner, by creating novel extra-value for users and owners through excellent indoor environment. The research work will be carried out by 31 industrial partners and 13 research partners.

Involvement in Society

Halton has been active in international society of indoor environment and energy efficiency. Several persons have worked in CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) committees . Also, Halton has been active in voluntary based classification schemes of Eurovent.

Halton has been active on the development of new design guides. In REHVA and ASHRAE,  Halton has been in involved e.g. on design guides and technical reports of Mixing Ventilation, Chilled Beam, Displacement Ventilation and nZEB buildings.

Research Questions of RYM- Indoor Climate