Halton Marine HVAC audit

Ships are required to dry-dock every now and then. Major overhauls usually extend the ship's life cycle, attract new passengers and create an opportunity to upgrade the ship with modern up-to-date solutions.

A succesful dry-docking requires a great deal of planning and some serious decisions concerning what should and can be done. Prior to dry-docking, Halton Marine can offer an HVAC Audit for galley and cabin ventilation - the areas that use a substantial part of HVAC. Based on the HVAC Audit, Halton Marine draws up a report on the upgrades, improvements and solutions it recommends in order to have a better functioning system. When these improvements have been carried out, Halton Marine conducts another survey to compare the results to the original values and to verify the results.

Halton Marine has improved the energy efficiency, safety and the indoor environment quality in many major refurbishment projects.