Cabin ventilation design services

Halton Marine offers a unique possibility to test and verify a wide range of air conditioning solutions for cabin ventilation. Halton mock-up cabin is a complete cabin installation with extensive range of air-conditiong solutions and measurement devices.

Halton also offers computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation services for optimizing the ventilation system functions. With CFD it is possible to simulate heat transfer, temperatures, velocities, and verify the comfort in the room.

HVAC audits

Halton Marine offers HVAC Audits for galley and cabin ventilation. Based on the audit, Halton Marine draws up a report on the upgrades, improvements and solutions it recommends in order to have a better functioning system. When these improvements have been carried out, Halton Marine conducts another survey to compare the results to the original values and to verify the results.

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Demand controlled ventilation for cabins


CABIN NO. 2 WITH Greenhouse lights used to simulate sun heatload transfer through glass, and measure it from two type of balcony glasses