Galley ventilation design services

The Halton Marine services include a design and airflow calculations for a complete galley ventilation system with a functional design for different types of galleys and open kitchens.

Layout and equipment list from the customer enables Halton to select most suitable and efficient devices for supply and exhaust system in galleys. When the best-matching devices are dimensioned and placed on customer layout, Halton Marine supplies a complete 3D view model to the customer. The 3D model can be easily integrated into the ship design drawings, which help co-ordination and integration on board.

HVAC Audit

Halton Marine offers HVAC Audits for galley and cabin ventilation. Based on the audit, Halton Marine draws up a report on the upgrades, improvements and solutions it recommends in order to have a better functioning system. When these improvements have been carried out, Halton Marine conducts another survey to compare the results to the original values and to verify the results.